Spread your love through music.

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Chooning is for music lovers.
Pick your favourite Spotify song and bring it to Chooning. Find friends with your same musical taste and interact with them πŸ˜† Share your thoughts and memories πŸŽ‰


Our Idea

Everyday we have access to an unlimited amount of music from many different platforms. Even though this is definitely a historical achievement, music is becoming more and more a disposable product.

That’s why we created Chooning!

With Chooning we wanted to connect people’s hearts back to music. Spotify is such a great platform, but it lacks the social aspect. On the other hand Youtube comment sections are way too wild and out of control. Chooning offers you a new, human-centered way to live in this boundless universe of digital music.

Instead of tuning the music to you, tune yourself to music with Chooning.



Designer, Engineer in Yokohama.